Rights management in the commercialization of brands, characters or design concepts.

Personalized licenses that add value to the product, making a difference with other standard products so that they have a better position in the market. Creating a long-term relationship and trust between the licensee and the property, the objective being to create a synergy between the licensee and the owner at the partner level of the brand.

Licensing Consultant:

Advice and management of licenses not included in our property catalog.

Given our experience in this sector, we have access to the owners of any brand or character that may be of interest and are not already represented in the Iberian Peninsula. We manage negotiations, contracts, arts, approvals, and monitoring of royalties. Especially suitable for suppliers and retail marketing departments.


Complementary service of promotions, with our properties or others on demand.
Here we can work in two business lines. Either facilitating our licenses to promotional agencies or promotional marketing for their clients; well managing the manufacture of premiums for a licensee of our brands.

* All these services are applicable in the Iberian Peninsula, including Portugal where we have an active presence. At European or global level, depending on the agreements, the license can also be managed.