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Music magazine that has become one of the best-perceived children’s and youth brands for several generations and in an unmatched sentimental value, a brand that after more than 40 years in the market continues to be the inspiration among young audiences and their parents.

Parents who grew up with Super POP, which was always next to the mothers and fathers of our current young affinity audience. With them in class lining their folders, using their agenda, playing with their friends in the courtyard  with the gifts from the magazine…. Also wallpapering the walls of their bedrooms with posters or participating in the hundreds of competitions organized …

A brand that, due to its history and penetration, continues to be a icon and is regularly named in series and TV programs, in radio talk shows or on the most diverse websites.

A brand that arouses everyone’s interest, for example: I ALSO READ Super POP, a book that tells the history of Super POP, published by Grupo Planeta,  the CD with songs from the time or the T-shirts in Bershka stores.

Target Audience: Children/Young

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