© The Astrid Lindgren Company. Illustred by Ingrid Vang Nyman

The strongest girl in the world, created in 1945 by the famous and successful Swedish writer, Astrid Lindgren. The result of this are 75 years of continuous achievements, as 160 Million books sold, 8 movies, plays, theme parks and hundreds of licensed products.

And the success continues, in 2020 we are celebrating its 75th anniversary with different actions, which include all of Spain:

  • Campaign with Save the Children in support of refugee girls, who are the “Pippis” of today.
  • Two new YouTube channels, one for Astrid Lindgren and one for Pippi.
    New exhibitions by Pippi, available to local companies, such as graduates, schools, bookstores …
  • Pippi in Cirkus, musical, Director Bjorn Ulvaeus, member of the mythical group Abba, in England, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Japan …
  • In Edition, three new books, accompanied by his Pippi doll, launched in Spain in Autumn 2020 by Editorial Kokinos.
  • Licensed products, including stuffed animals, diaries, backpacks, mugs, T-shirts at Bershka, textile line at H&M
  • In Production of a new film in real image, from the production company Studio Canal
  • Always new images in both illustration and live image style guides for product development. 

As a general concept, the idea is to reinforce the values ​​of the character Pippi, independent, strong and brave, and use her as a role model for today’s children, especially girls

Target Audience: Young-Children / Nostalgic Adult

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