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Was born in 1973 by the famous illustrator George Gately and his nephew Peter Gallagher, also an illustrator and current owner of the character, took over in 1998.

The story of this cat is exciting, let’s say he was born on the wrong side, in the bad part of town. Deprived of his parents, little Heathcliff has to fend for himself. He grows fast and badly, until he is rescued by the delicious Nutmeg family, and in this home he knows kindness and love. However, his beginnings on the street can be more, and instead of spending his life eating, sleeping and tormenting his owners, he launches into the fun by making out on the street!

Called the “Cat of the Century”, Heathcliff, a classic, is the subject of continued success in his time, and design inspiration for other famous cats, originating from the comic strips. Thousands of people from the four corners of the world adore this memorable orange cat. The return of Heathcliff, already reflected in the publication of his strips in several American newspapers and websites such as his own or www.GoComics.com each week, 50 books have also been published with sales of more than one million copies.

In the 80s it has been a Star on 80 different televisions with the series “The Cadillac Cats” and “Heathcliff and Marmaduke”, plus a worldwide feature film, in the 90s continuation with the series “Heathcliff and Dingbat Show”, currently they can be played on the YouTube channel.

New movie in anticipation, from Alvin and the Chipmunks producers Stuart Little and Casper, and possible TV series to follow.

The licensing program is open: fashion textiles, accessories, home textiles, bags, back to school, publishing, electronic products, toys, confectionery / food, promotions.

Target Audience: Young/Adult – Children
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