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It is the largest exhibition of elephant statues created by artists and celebrities, where each figure is a unique piece of art. The life-size figures of a baby elephant are exhibited around the world and help raise awareness of the need to preserve elephants. The editions are limited and from the exhibitions, handcrafted replicas and a select range of commercial products emerge. 20% of Elephant Parade profits are donated for the welfare and conservation of these beloved animals.

The concept originated in Mosha, a little elephant who had lost part of a leg after stepping on a mine and who inspired Marc and Mike Spits, father and son, to create Elephant Parade and thus contribute to the Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital in Thailand, where all elephants cared for at the center are fully treated with funds donated to the foundation. Mosha received a prosthetic leg and became the first elephant with a prosthetic leg and a pet for the project.

The first exhibition took place in Amsterdam in 2007 and, since then, they have been held in more than 36 different cities around the world, some on the streets themselves, others in museums, parks, zoos, airports, schools, banks or shopping centers. Ideal platform for artists, ambassadors of their art, to develop their creativity, also workshops “design and paint your own elephant” and sale of licensed products.

In addition, there are 14 stores with dozens of Elephant Parade products, in Switzerland, Austria, England, the Netherlands, Italy …

As a result of this great phenomenon, more than 1,000 decorated elephant designs are available to apply in Licensing in a wide range of products such as collectible figures, suitable for promotions, posters, gift items and stationery, telephone accessories, fashion, and home textile ranges, greeting cards…

A combination of art, commercial opportunities and animal conservation, lovers of elephants and their preservation, color, and design. Children as a group focusing the program on educational and fun products.

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